Relevant Extract – Post Election Report E2019/85

The post election report from AEC. The report identifies APF rules that were difficult to interpret or apply. The extract from the post election report is as follows.

Rules difficult to apply/interpret:



  1. Rules 21 (e) (i) and 47 (10) (h) (i) provide that the Election Notice (the Notice) will be issued by post to the electorate.

The Federation may wish to consider allowing for alternative means of delivery of the Notice including, but not limited to email to allow for more efficient communication.


2.  Rule 21 (e) (xiii) states that

   “The Returning Officer shall report the result of the election to the next meeting of Council and shall submit to that meeting a full report of the ballot indicating the number of ballot         papers printed, the number distributed and the number on  hand  and  any other relevant matters.”

 The Federation may wish to consider allowing the Returning Officer (RO) to report to the relevant officer of the organisation as per Model Rule 28.


  1. Rules 21A (n (ix) (d), 21A (n (x), 4 7 (15) (vii) (d) and 47 (15) (viii) (i) provide that where “an absent vote is requested the absentee member must return the ballot paper within   7 days of receipt. .. “

 The Federation may wish to consider allowing the Returning Officer (RO) to determine the ballot close date, for example a period of not less than 3 weeks from the posting of absent ballot packs to allow reasonable time for the receipt, completion and return of ballot material.


The APF will be notifying of any actions that will be need to be undertaken.

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