Having been a member of the Australian Principal Federation for about 13 years, and since joining the principal class, I have had the peace of mind knowing that the APF Executives and Industrial Officers work tirelessly behind the scenes to gain fair employment conditions, including workloads and regional support, and relevant salaries for my peers and me.

Although this has been important work, that I have thoroughly appreciated, I have had the need, on a few occasions, to make contact with and gain individual support from the APF on industrial and human resources matters at my school.

More recently I had a career and life changing experience in the workplace that negatively impacted on me in personal and professional ways.

I felt unsupported by my managers, yet gained much needed care and support from the APF Executive and an Industrial Officer. This support provided timely advice, realistic perspectives and representation in other forums, but most importantly the support enabled me to navigate through some particularly challenging circumstances: I felt the APF right by my side and with my interests at the forefront.

I could not have regained my professional confidence and achieved a career change without the APF: something that I feel very fortunate to have had. I strongly recommend to all principal class officers, “Join the APF: the industrial organisation for principals that cares for the profession and for you!”