An Industrial union exclusively for the principal class

In Victoria the APF has protected, supported and represented many individuals Principal Class Employees in relation to a range of industrial matters in a system that has no one to support or act exclusively for them. The APF provides expert advice, support and advocacy built upon integrity and mutual respect in the strictest of confidence. Some of the matters have included but are not limited to the:
  • Complaints from parents, staff, school councils and employer representatives that find expression at a range of statutory authorities including the FWC, Worksafe, the Human Right Commission VIT and VCAT amongst others.
  • The leadership and management of Principals and Assistant Principals exercising their roles and accountabilities which can result in allegations made against them.
  • Contractual issues including contract renewal, classification, range review and the strategic alliances with other stakeholders to ensure stated DET policy in this area reflects practice.
  • Issues raised in relation to Performance Management issues for the Principal Class and the negotiated development of related action and /or implementation plans.
  • Conflict of interest and special reviews conducted in schools.
  • Allegations of misconduct and/or claims of negligence: This is a broad area with accountabilities and matters involving finances, facilities, student outcomes, staff  and other burgeoning areas of policy accountabilities.
  • Salary matters: including incremental advancement, reviews and gratuities.
  • Salary packaging ,superannuation, workcover, resignation and /or retirement.
  • Negotiation of Enterprise Agreements