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Tax Receipts

By |2021-07-08T15:58:06+10:008th July 2021|

Tax receipts for the 20-21 finance year are now being sent to members. Please check your email and remember to check your junk box. These get sent from our database as an automatic process and sometimes this can cause some issues with the way the receipt looks or the figure it comes out with. Please email me directly if you [...]


By |2021-06-24T12:27:03+10:0024th June 2021|

Our Annual AGM/PD is booked for Thursday 21st of October at Riversdale Golf Club.   Please keep this date free in your calendar as it will be a fantastic event.

Tax Receipt’s

By |2021-06-24T12:25:19+10:0024th June 2021|

Tax Receipts will be sent after the 1st of July. These will be sent to your @Education email. If there are any issues with these, please email Gemma at

Bridging the Digital Divide

By |2021-06-01T12:26:26+10:001st June 2021|

The Bridging the Digital Divide team is in the process of finalising school contribution calculations and principals of eligible schools will be advised of their individual contribution before the start of Term 3. This communication will include a detailed breakdown of each school’s contribution calculation using the data entered into the Department’s IT Asset Management system. Following the confirmation being [...]

Victorian Budget 2021-22

By |2021-06-01T12:23:28+10:001st June 2021|

The recent state budget highlights ongoing commitment to the educational sector and we commend the state government on recent announcements. With a combined investment of $716 million, ongoing commitment has been demonstrated in the key areas of student wellbeing,  teacher development and school infrastructure. Of particular interest and note is the $12.2 million allocated to reducing the administrative and compliance [...]

John Handley

By |2021-05-10T10:33:54+10:0010th May 2021|

After 5 years of service in supporting members and working with the executive team, John has advised that he is withdrawing from his service to the APF and stepping back in order to provide opportunity for others to contribute.  John has provided wonderful advocacy and support and has been a true champion for APF members.  Those who have worked closely [...]

EBA Negotiations

By |2021-05-10T10:29:48+10:0010th May 2021|

The bargaining team continues to campaign strongly on behalf of the Principal Class in an attempt to reach a new agreement.   At the centre of our discussions are matters relating to workload, salary and conditions.  As an industrial organisation that is representative of only Principals and Assistant Principals, the APF is not conflicted in its capacity to represent members.  Only [...]

Welcome back

By |2021-02-03T09:21:05+10:003rd February 2021|

A warm welcome back to 2021. We hope this year brings health, happiness and stability after what was a very challenging year for all last year. We encourage all our members to reach out to us if they need support, guidance or even just a chat. All the best, Gemma Naylor Executive Officer 04 12 584 002     [...]

Increase to APF Membership Fees

By |2020-12-07T13:54:19+10:007th December 2020|

Please note there has been a small increase to the APF Membership fees from the start of 2021. You should have received an email regarding this, if you have not had correspondence from us please contact contact Gemma on

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