Whilst a commitment to strengthen cleaning services in schools through an improved operating model has been made, the outcome of the review is to continue with the current contracted service model.  This decision will certainly be met with disappointment by many school leaders who consistently express concern and despair at the lack of cleaning service delivery.

We applaud the government’s decision to ensure cleaners are appropriately remunerated and in receipt of wage entitlements and job security. However, since the school cleaning reforms were introduced in 2018 the contracted service delivery model has, in a significant number of metropolitan schools, seen a decline in service delivery.  Too often, I have members contacting me in frustration to express concern at the lack of cleanliness; vacuuming not being done, rubbish bins not being emptied, toilets not being cleaned.  Due to lack of regular and permanent cleaning personnel, it has been stated that buildings are at times being left open and alarms not set. Another point of concern is that not enough hours have been allocated to schools for the cleaner/s to complete basic tasks.

In summary, the key changes to the school cleaning services are:

  • Continuation of contracted service model in metropolitan schools.
  • Commitment to stronger processes and quality of cleaning model used in metropolitan schools.
  • Simplified school cleaning plans.
  • Increase in wages for cleaners.
  • Increase in cleaning service providers (currently 8 and to be increased to 10).
  • Revised funding allowing schools to purchase additional cleaning services (eg after school event).

You may access a copy of the media release here:

Media Release: Major-Boost-To-Strengthen-School-Cleaning-Services