Schools face ever growing threats from sophisticated cybercriminals. These bad actors are exploiting any network vulnerabilities including any devices connected to or joining the school network. A good example is the risk posed from Internet of Things devices that often have limited or very basic security controls.

Once a cybercriminal gains access to a school’s network they gain lateral movement and can cause substantial financial and service threats including data theft, extortion, reputational damage, financial crime, ransomware and more.

In addition to these known threats a growing threat is posed for schools through a technique known as ‘island-hopping’. In this scenario cybercriminals look to access a school’s otherwise secure network through a less secure supplier or partner. This is often a service provider who legitimately retains access to the school’s services but does not maintain the high security standards of a school and becomes a soft target for cyber criminals to ‘hop’ through to your environment.

This is where Superloop’s CyberHound solution stands out. Not only providing its Advanced Threat Protection Suite – a multi-layered set of 9 independent layers of network protection tools, but also in providing the ultimate protection of its own services to manage these other emerging cyber attacks. To find out more about how Superloop CyberHound can help your school contact Adam Dymond Regional Manager for Victoria and Tasmania or visit our website