Written by A Metro Secondary School Principal

I have been monitoring, with interest, the impact of TIL, these are the facts:
Time in Lieu began on Monday July 25th and since that time teaching staff have accrued 485 hours of TIL.
The acquittal for many of the hours has been completed, however, the time away from students has meant interrupted learning.
Those who have acquitted some of their time with early departures, have missed planning sessions and PD that is part of the school goals.
The acquittal, at this late stage, is being paid out with funds that have been taken from other projects.
An Assistant Principal, the Business Manager and Daily Organiser have spent at least 6 hours a week communicating with staff, planning when the time can be acquitted and working on edupay to ensure they ‘get it right.’
The number of emails to approve/discuss TIL with each staff member and then constantly ac-cess ROL to approve TIL, has added to my workload exponentially.
So, how can learning improve when teacher attendance is disjointed and patchy and/or their planning and PD is affected? How long can the budget hold out?


The above statements will resonate with many members. As time in lieu for camps becomes effective in 2023, these concerns will only be exasperated. The APF positioning on acquittal of time in lieu continues to be that it should be acquitted through monetary means with payment made outside of the school’s SRP.