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New Employee Wellbeing Service Provider

By |2024-04-19T10:39:59+10:0019th April 2024|

From the commencement of this term the Department is transitioning to a new employee wellbeing service provider.  Converge International will now be delivering an expanded suite of Employee Wellbeing Support Services which replace the services offered by the Employee Assistance Program (EAP). There are 8 new service offerings including coaching for people matters, career development, financial wellbeing, personal legal matters [...]

Major Boost to Strengthen School Cleaning Services

By |2024-02-02T09:31:06+10:002nd February 2024|

Whilst a commitment to strengthen cleaning services in schools through an improved operating model has been made, the outcome of the review is to continue with the current contracted service model.  This decision will certainly be met with disappointment by many school leaders who consistently express concern and despair at the lack of cleaning service delivery. We applaud the [...]

Resilience First Aid Certification

By |2023-05-03T15:08:35+10:003rd May 2023|

Resilience First Aid Retreat 2-Day Resilience First Aid mental health Certification Learning critical skills to proactively support mental health in others Please view the attached flyer for more details  2-Day-Resilience-First-Aid-CertificationJune2023

Education Summit- Reimaging the Principalship

By |2023-04-05T15:46:51+10:0024th March 2023|

Sixty experienced school leaders from across Victoria came together on Friday 17th March 2023, to discuss the challenges they face daily in an increasingly complex world. Facilitated by VASSP, VPA, PASS, CEP and APF, the work throughout the day was to discuss and develop a collective position, including possible solutions, to present to the broader education community (Department, Government, [...]

Passion, Guts and Leadership by Deborah Patterson

By |2022-10-19T13:53:17+10:0019th October 2022|

Congratulations to Deb Patterson, former long serving educator and APF member, who recently released her book An A-Z for the Unconventional Educational Leader. As a passionate and highly successful leader for over 22 years, Deb shares her vast knowledge and expertise through story telling and practical advice. The book is another wonderful achievement in Deb’s professional career and we congratulate [...]

Upcoming AGM and Seminar 2022

By |2022-10-05T12:02:31+10:005th October 2022|

Re-Evaluating the Working Conditions of School Leaders Burgeoning workloads continue to place great strain on our school leaders. Now, more than ever, there is a compelling case to re-evaluate the working conditions of leaders.  Registration is now open for this years AGM and Seminar Thursday October 27th at Riversdale Golf Club   We are pleased to welcome speakers: The Honourable [...]

Introducing our new Executive Officer

By |2022-09-12T17:33:46+10:007th September 2022|

My name is Jenna Benison, and I am very fortunate to be taking over from Gemma whilst she is on family leave. Although I am a qualified Osteopath, I have lots of experience working in administration roles and am very much looking forward to the new challenge of Executive Officer for the APF. I look forward to [...]

Welcome to Principals’ Day.

By |2022-08-05T10:14:10+10:005th August 2022|

Each of our members and school leaders across our system,  are working in schools and educational settings where they are challenged to provide the best possible environment for their students and colleagues to meet the challenges of the learning journey.   The role of the Principal and Assistant Principal is a unique one.   The work we do and the demands [...]

Changes to NAPLAN dates

By |2022-03-25T08:46:29+10:0025th March 2022|

Changes to NAPLAN dates In case you have missed the news, ACARA has announced a number of changes to the NAPLAN.  Commencing 2023, NAPLAN is being moved to Term 1 meaning results and information will be available earlier in the year (May 2023) in order to inform teaching and learning.   For more information about the changes visit ACARA’s NAPLAN Improvements [...]

VSGA 2022 Power Point Presentation

By |2022-02-11T10:20:11+10:0011th February 2022|

The VSGA 2022 PowerPoint as presented to member on the 10/02/22 is now available for viewing under the members only section > Enterprise Bargaining Agreement. Should you require login details, please contact Gemma Needs at    

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