To the APF principal community,

I have been an APF member for more than 25 years.

I have had the good fortune to lead both a Primary school and a P to 9 College.

At times the principal role can be rather isolated and this is where the strength of membership comes into play.

Fortunately I have formed strong partnerships with colleagues; from my the principal class and also the APF community of colleagues.

The strength of our capacity to improve and also resolve complex matters lies within the relationships and partnerships we form with our colleagues and key organisations.

I have had occasion to seek support for myself and other colleagues at inconvenient times (weekends and late at night) and this has never been a problem for the APF.

I am acutely aware of a matter that was taken on board over a weekend involving working through an extremely complex matter with Regional staff. Action was taken on that weekend leading to mediation meetings on the Monday in support of a colleague.

Working with the Merit Protection Board can be highly demanding and stressful. The support that the APF provided was absolutely paramount and without a flaw.

The level of technical expertise that was required was beyond my capacity and depth of knowledge and was covered in every detail by the APF Industrial Officer.

The APF is an incredibly responsive, supportive, confidential and reliable organisation and has guided me through a number of complex matters giving me great confidence at difficult times.

The APF has been key to my longevity as a principal.